Amy Lou is a small company specialising in surface design, creating unique prints that are used on a number of gift and interior products. The prints I create have a very graphic style that works well with screen and digital printed items. The majority of the work is hand screen printed and therefore each piece is completely unique and bespoke. Using screen printing methods we are also working with printing T-shirts and paper carrier bags. I am available for commissions and freelance work.   




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About Amy Lou Designs


We are a small bespoke company that is inspired mainly by industry and architecture. I have a lifetime of experience and qualifications within the field which has led me to find my passion within interiors and surface design, using Photoshop and Illustrator in the majority of my work combining my own photographs and drawings to create my personal graphic style of repeats. I also design by hand with the end product being screen printed. I mainly work with surface design that can be applied to any surface. My work is now being created on a range of different surfaces from fabric to wood.

I have a strong passion for working based within the North East of England to bring the industry and the creative environment back up the country. The North East traditionally held the majority of industry. I want to bring it back to life and feel as though I can make a small impression on this with my designs.